Swisscom IoT Qualified RF testing

7layers offers the Swisscom IoT Qualified RF testing service for LoRa devices according to the LoRa Alliance Radiated RF Performance specification.

7layers is an authorized Swisscom service partner as well as an authorized LoRa Alliance test house.

This service package is intended for ready-to-market LoRa devices (such as sensors) targeting EU868 region.

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Description :

What is Swisscom IoT Qualified RF testing?

Swisscom IoT Qualified ensures that devices, are fully integrated with the Swisscom network before deployment. This qualification requires the measurements of the device RF performance included in this offer.

What is included in this offer?

  • Execution of OTA RF-Performance measurements.
    - Transmission Tests (TRP, EIRP/ERP)
    - Reception Tests (EIS)
    The applicable test methodology is based on the LoRa Alliance specifications (Please go  on
  • Delivery of Lora Alliance RF Performance Test Report including an image of the device on which the different axes are painted.

Upon order through this marketplace, the device manufacturer will be informed by 7layers about:

  • The questionnaire to be answered by the device manufacturer.
  • The shipping address for the devices under test.
  • The 7layers contact details for the project.

Required Preparation work

The following preparation must be completed by the device manufacturer before entering the testing:

  • A fully completed questionnaire is received by 7layers.
  • The device is prepared for OTA RF-Performance measurements:
    - The device supports the test mode (ideally CW mode) as specified by the LoRa Alliance
    - or the device is configured to send uplink packets at least every 5 seconds in normal operational mode.

If the device manufacturer would like to get the device back, he has to provide shipping address and shipping arrangement information since return shipping has to be paid by the device manufacturer.

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