Swisscom LPN Qualification Testing and Assessment Package EU868

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Description :

7layers offers the Swisscom LPN qualification testing and assessment services for “ready to market devices” (such as sensors) according to the Swisscom Low Power Network (LPN) Qualification Program. 7layers is an authorized Swisscom service partner.

This 7layers service package includes the following service elements:
• Preparation information for devices manufacturers
• Device Onboarding by using the 7layers Swisscom laboratory test set-up (incl. on-site gateway).
• One-time execution of all applicable manual and automated test (InterOp Engine).
• Reporting of InterOp Test Results and Observations (to Swisscom and manufacturer).

Upon order through this market place, the device manufacturer is informed about:
• The questionnaire to be answered by the device manufacturer.
• The shipping address for the device.
• The 7layers contact details for that project.

The following preconditions must be met before entering the Swisscom LPN Qualification Program:
• An full operational device under test is received by 7layers including documentation on how to operate 
• A fully completed questionnaire is received by 7layers.
• An Evidence of successfully completed self-test (InterOpID) with device under test is received by 7layers.
Please note that the InterOpID has to be obtained by the device manufacturer. Please contact Swisscom here.

If the device manufacturer would like to get the device back, he has to provide shipping address and shipping arrangement information since return shipping has to be paid by the device manufacturer.

The LPN qualification assessment results may lead to an overall “failed” when at least one the following situation occurs:
• The device is not operational and can`t be on-boarded
• The questionnaire has been not fully completed or information given do not fit to the device under test
• The device stops operation during the testing sessions
• The device may not be qualified if its behavior is not good for real-life application (e.g. a static device using fix ADR for no apparent reason)
When the assessment result is classified "failed", the device manufacturer has to order a new assessment in order to continue.

Specifications :
Seller 7layers GmbH
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