Adding a Product

*This is a compulsory field and if you do not complete it then your products will not be activated on ThingPark Market.

In order to add a Product, you must first register to be a supplier via

Step 1:

On Left Hand Navigation, click on Product Manager.

Step 2:

Under My Products, you will find a dropdown menu. Select Product. Next select Device or Gateway and then click on Add New Product.

Step 3:

Next complete your product detail information.  To have a complete product page, complete the following Required Fields.

Make sure to save your information on a regular nasis by clicking on the right action in the upper right hand corner. 

Product Identification

*Manufacturer Part Number

Manufacturer Part Number is crucial and requires to be present in all product interaction we might have in the future. It corresponds to the number that identifies all units of a same product. It is different from the Seller SKU (corresponding to Seller’s own classification) or DevEUI (that is unique for any unit). This Manufacturer Part Number will be the key to present multi-seller pages. Make sure to index your product listing correctly! Please note that Manufacturer Part Number will show on Product Name.

*Product Name (identification name)

Ideally, product title length should not exceed a maximum of 65 characters (including spaces). Please follow the below format:


Manufacture Name (with Initial capital letter) + Prototype (if applicable; with Initial capital letter)) + Product name (with Initial capital letter) + Product part number + Band Frequency

Please make sure to follow strict Case format (only at the beginning of each element)

To ensure a maximum visibility on search engines, think about how your product is promoted elsewhere (the way it is known)

Example 1 : NKE LoRaWAN Press’O Sensor 5070017 EU868

NKE (Manufacturer Name)+ LoRaWan Press’O Sensor (Product Name)+5070017 (Product Part Number)+EU868(Band Frequency)

Example 2: Adeunis LoRaWAN Sensor ARF8045PA US915

Adeunis (Manufacturer Name)+ LoRaWAN Sensor (Product Name)+ARF8045PA (Product Part Number)+US915(Band Frequency)

Please be advised that your Product Part number could be the same as your Vendor SKU ifthe Manufacturer and Seller are the same. It is essential to include this in your product name as it allows us to easily keep track of your products.

Do not:

-        Use the following characters as they will create system errors: { } " ^ , ~ [ ] `; / ? : @ = &

-       Spaces will be changed into hyphens.


*Product Description

Provide a clear description for potential buyers.  A word count between 250 to 400 words is ideal. Please avoid to copy and paste a description from your website. Reworking your Copy / Paste is key: change the word order, find word synonyms, contextualize your product description within a  marketplace environment… are best practices
Writing a genuine, original copy is best for search engines and your visibility.

If you’re finding it difficult to create content, think of the solutions your product provides, does it improve efficiency, make life easier etc?

Giving real-life examples of of which industries your products can be used in i.e schools, hospitals, houses, workplaces etc.

If you're having trouble creating content you can go to your own website and see if you can manipulate some information from that. You can look up other websites that sell your products and get inspiration from there too.

The key, however is to manipulate and change your content so it’s not the exact same. The more diverse your content the better chance you have at recognition online. This is important for both your success and the success of your products!

*Key Feature Highlights

Please provide 5 bullet points to describe the highlights of your products. This section provides a summary for customers to quickly scan and compare your product. Think about the features that will be mostly searched by your buyers (eg. marketing or technical angles)

*Please use the bullet point format (this is compulsory)

To make bullet points appear on your Key Feature Highlights, you just need to copy/paste the following html code in the blank box and replace *** by your expected content (example below shows 5 bullet points:








Note below fields are mandatory


Indicate the weight of your product with packaging in Kilograms. This will be important for shipping.

Stock Quantity

Please indicate the quantity of your stock. If you are currently out of stock, you may leave the space blank


Please indicate what band your product is associated with.  If your product functions in various bands, you will need to create a unique product for each band.

Price and quantity

*Unit Price

This is the Retail Selling Price that you will be listing on ThingPark Marketplace for all Buyers and Public to view.

Tier Pricing

You may determine pricing discounts based on quantity. In addition, you may differentiate the pricing that is viewed for ALL Buyers on Thingpark marketplace and the price that is viewed by preselected wholesale buyers.  Please disregard drop down selection that indicates not logged in, buyer retail, and buyer professional. (The wholesale price is only viewed when the wholesale buyer logins under his unique account details. For your reference, you may view our wholesale buyer eligibility criteria here). Make sure to start your tier pricing with at least 2 units and have quantity thresholds different for every line.

Dimensions (without packaging)


Please indicate your product’s height/depth/width without packaging in cm.

Additional Data

In addition to further help consumers to select your product for buying consideration, you should consider completing the following fields.

*Product attribute

Select from the list and indicate what TYPE of device you are selling. This information will help us map your product correctly on ThingPark. Choose at least one and maximum of 2.

*Be Careful: Make sure to categorize your products correctly, consequence of NOT doing this your products will not show up in the category/subcategory/product attributes. It will only be searchable on Thingpark Market BUT it will not be automatically seen. This is a very important step. 

*Solution represented

Select from the list on what industry/vertical your product represents.  This information will help us map your product correctly on ThingPark. If many industries apply to your product, please be advised that you can select many industries by clicking Ctrl. We suggest a maximum of two solutions.

*Be Careful: Make sure to categorize your products correctly, consequence of NOT doing this your products will not show up in the category/subcategory/product attributes. It will only be searchable on Thing park Market BUT it will not be automatically seen. This is a very important step.

*Battery Type

Select from the dropdown

Battery Specification

Type in your specifications.


if applicable


if applicable

LoRa Class

if applicable

RF transceiver

if applicable

RF power

if applicable

Output throughput

if applicable


if applicable

*Urls to Technical/Installation docs 

To avoid further question from buyers, please upload your user manuals / technical and certification docs as per below, replacing content between quotations marks by your pdf url address.


<li><a href="">Product Datasheet</a></li>

<li><a href="">User Manual</a></li>

<li><a href="">LoRa Certification</a></li>


Shipping and Lead Time Information

Lead time: Please enter your total lead time (Production + Packing +Shipping) or (pack + ship) if your products is in stock. You can add special comments here as well.

SEO/Meta Tags

Meta tags are best used when exactly describing the product.  Your tags should be accurate, relevant, and descriptive.  These tags do not appear on the page itself, but on the page’s code.  Some basic guidelines:

*Meta Title

Optimal length is under 70 characters, most important keywords need to be first in your title tag (and usually your brand name at the end). Please limit your meta title description to 42 characters as “ThingPark Market by Actility” will be automatically added at the end.

Example: LoRaWAN Field Test Device | Adeunis RF

Variant : EU868 Field Test Device | Adeunis RF


Include keywords your audience is most likely to search for (your brand, frequency, Network...)

*Meta Description

Recommended Meta description is between 150 and 160 characters.  Try to use an active voice and a call to action.

Example 1: The NKE LoRa Pulse Sens'O Sensor is a long range, low power, and high performance wireless pulse sensor transmitting water, gas, electricity & energy data.  Now available on ThingPark Market!

This is what your meta description is used for, it’s important because the words you use make your product easily searchable on the internet. Meta description is very important.

Variant : Easily and quickly validate your private or public LoRaWAN network. Equipped with a large LCD screen, our device helps in any IoT deployment. Buy it online now!

*Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords are also another integral role of your products success, they make your product easily searchable online and can improve your search ratings.


Product images are important to buyers and help enhance your page.  Images needs to accurately represent the product.

Image Technical requirements

Product images can be in a TIFF, Jpeg, or PNG format. Image pixel dimensions recommended 1000 or larger.  A white background is compulsory.
Please try to input your alt text / Image description in the right hand side box form, describing the image in as much detail as possible, with keywords separated by hyphens.  This will help to improve  your product visibility on the image search tool on search engines.
Example : Adeunis-LoraWAN-field-test-device-EU868.