ThingPark Connected Standard Assessment (AS923)

7layers offers the testing service for LoRa devices according to the ThingPark Connected program. 7layers is an authorized ThingPark service partner. This service package is intended for ready-to-market LoRa devices (such as sensors) targeting AS923 region.

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Description :

What is ThingPark Connected ?

ThingPark Connected is Actility’s certification label which ensures that devices, gateways, and applications are fully integrated with the ThingPark platform. Each product that passes the certification receives an official certificate. This certification includes End-to-End (so-called IOP) and RF-Performance tests and focuses on market access.

Whats is included in this offer ?

  • Provisioning of laboratory test environment (incl. Gateway).

  • Single execution of all applicable IOP tests in EXAM mode (InterOp Engine).

  • Execution of OTA RF-Performance measurements.

    • Test are performed on a chosen set of frequencies used by the LoRa operators in one region. As an example, for Europe,  863.1 MHz, 865.1 MHz, 868.3 MHz, 869.525 MHz are the frequencies to be tested.

    • The tests include TRP 3D measurements, EIRP/ERP at several TxPower, EIS at SF12 and SF7.

    • The test methodology and the details of tested frequencies, Tx Power applicable to each region are based on the different LoRa Alliance specifications (Please go  on

  • Reporting of test results and observations.

  • Delivery of Lora Alliance RF Performance Test Report

  • Delivery of ThingPark Connected Certificate if the device passes

Upon order through this marketplace, the device manufacturer will be informed by 7layers about:

  • The questionnaire to be answered by the device manufacturer.

  • The shipping address for the devices under test.

  • The 7layers contact details for the project.


Required Preparation work

The following preparation must be completed by the device manufacturer before entering the testing:

  • A fully completed questionnaire is received by 7layers.

  • 2x fully operational devices under test are received by 7layers
    including documentation on how to operate them:

  • The 1st device is prepared for OTA RF-Performance measurements:

    • The device supports the test mode (ideally CW mode) as specified by the LoRa Alliance or the device is configured to send uplink packets at least every 5 seconds in normal operational mode.

  • The 2nd device is prepared for IOP testing:

    • Evidence of successfully completed IOP self-test with the device under test.

    • The device is configured to send uplink packets at least every 30 seconds.

    • The device must be removed from the device manager.

The ThingPark assessment may lead to an overall “failed” when at least one of the following situation occurs:

  • The device is not operational and can`t be on-boarded.

  • The questionnaire has not been fully completed or information given do not fit to the device under test.

  • The device stops operation during the testing sessions.

  • The device may not be qualified if its behaviour is not good for real-life application.
     (e.g. a static device using fix ADR for no apparent reason)

When the assessment result is classified "failed", the device manufacturer has to order a new assessment in order to continue.


If the device manufacturer would like to get the device back, he has to provide shipping address and shipping arrangement information since return shipping has to be paid by the device manufacturer.

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