ThingPark Enterprise SaaS License (per device model)

ThingPark Enterprise SaaS Device-based license is a 1-year subscription to Actility ThingPark Enterprise LPWAN infrastructure hosted on one of Actility’s regional data centers. It leverages our geo-redundant fully managed 24*7 SaaS platform.

ThingPark Enterprise is the most powerful and advanced IoT connectivity platform. Dedicated to enterprise networks, it is the heart of your Low Power Wide Area IoT rollouts.

This one-year subscription is calculated per device volume with an unlimited number of gateways (most suitable for deployments involving multiple small sites e.g. in retail).

Choose your license using a flexible model based on a number of devices or gateways:

  • ThingPark Enterprise SaaS Licence (device-based): this one (optimized for low-density multi-sites)
  • ThingPark Enterprise SaaS Licence (gateway-based): choose to pay per gateway with an unlimited number of devices (optimized for high-density sites).

All our SaaS licensing options natively operate in High Availability mode over a geo-redundant cluster, offering best-in-class service reliability and ensuring fault-tolerant service continuity without interruption.

* The initial price of this license includes 100 devices. 

* Please contact us if you want to buy more than 1000 devices.

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Description :

ThingPark Enterprise features

  • Secure bi-directional LPWAN communications: LoRaWAN class A, B, and C with support for macro-diversity and packet deduplication.
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.x and LoRaWAN 1.1, OTA, and ABP, embedded Join Server with support for external Join Server.
  • Supports all LoRaWAN versions and all regional profiles (EU-868, US-915, AS-923, AU-915, RU-864, IN-865, KR-920, CN-470, EU433, CN-779...).
  • State of the art support for LoRaWAN advanced features: TDoA geolocation, Reliable Multicast, and Firmware Update Over-the-Air (FUOTA)*.
  • Best in class device battery life optimization, leveraging field-proven self-organizing Adaptive Data Rate (ADR) algorithms.
  • Carrier-grade Base Station management system with advanced O&M features (network interface failover, remote network configuration, packet buffering...). Easy troubleshooting through embedded Wireless packet Logger and Spectrum Analysis applications.
  • Ready to use catalogs with hundreds of devices and support for CoDecs. Multi-vendor LoRaWAN gateway support with uniform user interface and integration: Cisco, Cloudgate, Gemtek/Browan, Kerlink, Multitech, Tektelic, Ufispace,...
  • Alarm management, automated email alerts, and notifications.
  • Bundled with ThingPark X IoT Flow, dataflow processing with a built-in message queue, catalog and custom drivers, ontology normalization, and ready-to-use Connectors to all leading protocols (HTTPS, MQTT) and IoT back-end platforms: AWS (AWS IoT, GreenGrass), Microsoft Azure (IoT Hub, IoT Central, Event Hub, Teams), SAP, Software AG Cumulocity, ThingsBoard, ThingWorx, and many more. Seamless integration with AWS cloud applications (AWS Cloud Formation Templates).
  • User permission management and SSO integration with enterprise IDPs.

* Requires optional add-ons, contact Actility Support.

ThingPark Enterprise SaaS License. Includes:

1 x year network subscription

Essential support & maintenance

Connectivity to unlimited gateways



Choose how many devices you want to connect

The license will be renewed automatically after one year. You will receive automated reminders and you may cancel or resize the subscription through Actility support.



ThingPark Enterprise is the leading LoRaWAN private networking solution, managing over 35,000 gateways worldwide and delivering carrier-grade technology tailored for the enterprise and industrial markets.

ThingPark Enterprise streamlines your digital transformation, eliminating wiring for most sensors, enabling indoor/outdoor tracking, and many other use cases.

ThingPark Enterprise supports the largest selection of Gateways, Devices, and Apps.

Streamline IoT network operations. The UI provides wizards to easily build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN network and feed data to IoT applications and platforms, or your local MODBUS / OPC-UA industrial automation PLCs. Dashboards provide key operational insights & alarm management.

Dependable industrial infrastructure leveraging the same technology trusted by leading service providers to deliver a secure and field-proven solution. Our ISO 9001 QA process (1,000+ tests and 4 weeks of field testing for each release), ensures that you will never have to serve thousands of orphaned devices.

Any use case, anywhere. With 10+ years of field experience worldwide, we support the integration of remote sites for all regional radio regulations and offer the widest device interoperability, including driver support and ontology normalization. ThingPark offers hardware-independent gateway management tools, and ready-to-use Connectors to all leading IoT back-end platforms: AWS (AWS IoT, GreenGrass), Microsoft Azure (IoT Hub, IoT Central, Event Hub, Teams), SAP, Software AG Cumulocity, ThingsBoard, ThingWorx, and many more.

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