The following are instructions on how to process an order   The items in with the * are mandatory

*Step 1:

On Left Hand Navigation, click on Orders

*Step 2:

Click on the plus and expand order 

*Step 3:

Review Shipping address, device, and quantity of order

*Step 4



Step 5

IF Partial Shipping, indicate “Ship Partial”

Step 6

Ignore this section as you will complete later


Step 7 (Optional)

Add comments (for your records

Step 8 (Optional)

Change your status as appropriate (for your records)

Step 9 (Optional)

Save your PO comment 

*Step 10: Create your shipment

When you are ready to ship click on Create Shipment

*Step 11

Click on shipment and print your packing slip

*Step 12

Open shipment link


*Step 13

Choose Your Shipping Carrier 

Step 14

If your carrier is not listed in the above dropdown, name your carrier here

*Step 15

Add the Shipping Tracking Number

*Step 16

Change Status to Shipped when you are ready

*Step 17

Click Submit

*Step 18

Click OK

*Final Step

After your shipment has been delivered, update your shipment to delivered and click Submit