Founded in 2016, Villotec is a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart city and smart building applications. Villotec provides products that help city administrators and company operators gain real-time insight into their operations and safety management.

Villotec’s main product, the VL-100-LRW, is a weatherproof thunderstorm detector that can detect when a lightning activity is approaching. It is ideal for airports, outdoor activity centers,  The device sends the approximate distance and energy levels of the approaching lightning storm over LoRaWAN, allowing an application server to process the information and send notifications to pertinent third parties. The product was designed with easy installation and maintenance in mind. Thanks to a lithium battery and an integrated solar panel, it can last indefinitely in the field without maintenance.

Villotec also provides electronic PCB and firmware design services with a particular focus on designing IoT products that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or LoRaWAN. Thanks to years of experience in developing sophisticated products for a wide variety of applications, the company possesses a lot of expertise in electronic architecture, schematic capture, circuit board layout and production management. Villotec is the one-stop shop for all IoT design needs.

Villotec is located in downtown Montreal, Canada.

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