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Remote Access to More Sensors

The VoBo GP-1 End Point is a universal industrial grade bridge that converts your favorite wired industrial process instruments into wireless LoRaWAN enabled sensors.

A user replaceable battery provides 2 to 4 years of power for the VoBo GP-1 and 5 to 24 Vdc of power to the three analog sensor terminals.  The GP-1 has a total of 8 input terminals (3 analog, 3 discrete digital, 1 RS485, and 1 wake-up).

Three entry points into the enclosure provide the ability to monitor multiple aspects of your equipment from the same VoBo.  The battery voltage and temperature of the End Point are automatically reported.

The GP-1 can be installed quickly and its wireless/autonomous features eliminate the cost of cable installation.  You can now afford to collect data from points that were previously too expensive to monitor.   

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Key features highlights :

  • Universal I/O
    • Three analog inputs:
      • The VoBo provides the analog terminals with user configurable 5 to 24 Vdc power supply.
      • Analog terminals are jumper configurable to read 4-20mA, 0-5 Vdc, or 0-10 Vdc sensors.
    • The discrete inputs:
      • Jumper configurable to read dry contact or voltage.
    • One discrete "wake-up" input.
      • Can be triggered with a switch connected to the terminal or by passing a magnet across the exterior of the device.
    • One RS-485 ModbusRTU master terminal.
      • Standard configuration reads one register, custom firmware available to read multiple registers.
    • One Open Drain output. 
      • 36 V, 1 A max.
  • Entry Points 
    • Three cord grips provide entry points for sensor cables, hole plugs provided to seal unused entry points.
  • Weather

    • Weatherproof enclosure rated to NEMA 4X and IP66. An operating temperature range of -35°C to 80°C.

  • Battery Life
    • 2 to 4 years when powering two 4-20mA sensors, taking readings and transmitting data hourly.
  • Compatibility
    • Compatible with any LoRa Alliance approved gateway or network server.
  • Configuration
    • VoBo can be configured over the air or locally.

Description :

Your Sensor Connected

The VoBo GP-1 End Point is a universal industrial grade bridge that converts wired process instrumentation into wireless LoRaWAN enabled sensors.  The GP-1 accepts signals from analog (4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc), discrete digital (dry contact and voltage), and RS485 (ModbusRTU) sensors/transmitters.  It is powered by one user replaceable 13 Ahr primary D cell.  The battery also supplies 5 to 24 Vdc to the analog terminals.  This permits the operator to not only avoid the cost of installing a wired communications network, but also the cost of installing a power supply.  The battery has an expected life of 2 to 4 years, when also providing power to the analog sensors, under typical applications.

The GP-1 is designed so that operators can continue to rely on the sensors/transmitters that they have come to trust (with their known accuracy and reliabilility), rather than experiment with unfamiliar sensor technology.  The GP-1 works equally well for picking up "balance of plant" type measurement points that were previously too expensive to monitor and for remote access to legacy sensors that are currently being manually inspected.  The GP-1 works with industrial (and commercial) grade sensors/transmitters from all manufacturers. 

The VoBo End Point is compatible with all LoRa Alliance approved gateways and network servers.

The user can configure the VoBo End Point over the air or locally.  Configuration parameters include the frequency of readings/transmission, the amount of time the analog terminals are powered, the voltage supplied to the analog terminals, and the gain and offset adjustments to the analog terminals.  As well, the user can identify the Modbus register it wishes to poll.  The FSB is also locally configurable.

The VoBo GP-1 reports the current battery voltage and the temperature automatically.

The VoBo GP-1 is designed to withstand rugged outdoor applications.  It has an operating temperature range of -35°C to 80°C. It is rated to NEMA 4X and IP66.  The enclosure has three cable glands for entry points.  Hole plugs are provided to seal unused entry points. 

Volley Boast's excellent customer service is available to guide you with installation of your GP-1. Whether your question is with respect to connecting your sensors, configuring the VoBo, communicating with your gateway and/or network server, or decoding the payload, the Volley Boast team is there to help.  The Volley Boast team is also available to program custom software for your specific application, whether it be polling multiple Modbus registers, edge analytics, or exception reporting.

Specifications :
Seller Volley Boast LLC
Manufacturer Name Volley Boast LLC
SKU 1739-11845
Manufacturer Part Number VoBo GP-1
Product Attributes Bridges
RF Region US915 - US 902-928MHz
LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented (will not show)
Power Supply Replaceable battery
Battery specification (Wh) 46.8
Battery type Lithium metal
Antenna Integrated
RF transceiver Other
Interfaces RS232, RS485, 4-20mA, Analog, 0/10V
Other interfaces 0/5V
Dry Contact Discrete
Voltage Discrete
Open Drain Output
Operating Temperature (min to max) -35 C to 80 C
Depth (cm) 8
Width (cm) 23
Height (cm) 11.5
User manual url (wysiwig preferred) http://volleyboast.com/products/latest/vobogp1hl1/user-manual
Technical datasheet

VoBo GP-1 Data Sheet

Other technical documents http://volleyboast.com/products/latest/vobogp1/installation-manual
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 60
Lead-time if in stock (in working days) 5
Specific commercial conditions

VoBo Terms and Conditions

Technical Documents
Seller conditions Seller commercial condition
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