WATTECO - NETW'O - 50-70-136

Netw'O is a LoRaWAN® network quality tester. It records and time-stamps all information related to the quality of the radio link. Netw'O is controlled through a smartphone application and the measured data can be viewed on the same interface.

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Key features highlights :


  • Testing the LoRaWAN® radio quality of a site
  • Comparison of the radio coverage of several LoRaWAN® networks


  • LoRaWAN®
  • Easy to use
  • Uplink and downlink LED status
  • Remote control from a smartphone
  • RSSI, SNR, number of gateways, ...
  • Can be recorded on several networks at the same time
  • Measurement report in Json or csv format
  • Power supply: 2 x AA 1.5V battery


  • RED, RoHS

Description :

The NETW'O is the essential LoRaWAN® network tester before any installation. Its uplink and downlink LED interface gives a quick and clear view of the network quality.

It can be positioned in the real condition of the final product (closed cabinet, mast top,...) and controlled via a smartphone application.

It is possible to choose the number of frames transmitted, the spreading factor (SF), the rate adaptability (ADR).

The RSSI, SNR, gateway number, throughput and listening window measurements used are time-stamped, geo-located, recorded and presented on the smartphone interface.

The measurement report can be transferred in Json and csv format by email or other way of communication.

It is also possible, through the smartphone interface, to choose a different devEUI, which simply allows to test the radio quality of another network. It is necessary to commision the NETW'O on several LoRaWAN® networks with different devEUI.

The battery compartment allows easy replacement of the batteries with 2 x AA 1.5V commercial batteries, or rechargeable batteries can be used.

Specifications :
Seller nke WATTECO
Manufacturer name WATTECO
SKU 1890-14621
Manufacturer Part number 50-70-136
Seller SKU 50-70-136
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Energy and Utilities, Smart Industries, Facilities Management, Smart Operations, Smart Building, Smart Metering
Power supply Non rechargeable battery
Battery type Lithium ion
Output throughput (mW) 25
Antenna Integrated
RF transceiver SX1272
Interfaces Other
Operating Temperature (min to max) -20°C to +50°C
Depth (cm) 2.7
Width (cm) 13.5
Height (cm) 7.6
User manual url (wysiwig preferred) https://www.watteco.com/download/quick-start-guide-netwo/?wpdmdl=10316&refresh=6376377b0512a1668691835
Technical datasheet

Netw'o - Datasheet

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