With the fast development of IoT, the demand for indoor geolocation applications is exploding. But implementing an indoor geolocation system can be touchy for industrials and very big infrastructures: what is the suitable geolocation technology? How to choose a scalable and low maintenance solution? It appears that, most of the time, industrial customers require multiple technologies to address all of their geolocation use cases.  

WYRES developed a highly innovative geolocation technology based on LoRa to help industries, logistic warehouses and all big infrastructures in the challenging tasks of designing and deploying advanced geo-located IoT applications.

Our solution allows :

-      Asset and vehicles tracking

-      Tools tracking on construction sites

-      Workforce protection & safety

-      smartbuildings

Our first-class technology stack can tackle the harshest requirements in terms of location accuracy (ranging from 30 meters to less than 1 meter), battery life, site surface area and configuration options. We use several geolocation methods to fit most of the industrial needs : LoRa FSK, Bluetooth Low Energy, Ultra Wideband, which are all integrated in a single platform. 

Wyres provides a complete solution including low-power tags and beacons to track assets or ensure people safety accross your premises. The sensor and location data is instantly available through a powerfull web application or through REST API.

Thanks to its leadership position in LoRa based indoor geolocation technologies, WYRES is becoming the reference supplier for the digitalization of the enterprises physical flows!

Business Profile

  • Creation year : 2015
  • Number employee : 14
  • Revenue : < 1 M€

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