ZANE Systems Ltd. was established by Mr. Zoltan Erdei, senior electrical engineer in 2012, as there was an uprising trend in demand of circuit design services from both national and international clients. Therefore, from the very beginning, one of the main services provided was designing and manufacturing of electrical circuit boards. Our mission is to prove that Hungarian electrical engineers and professionals are excellent at designing and development as well.

It was of utmost importance that we build an organisation that provides services of the highest standards worldwide. We are located in Hungary but ships worldwide.

We got to know LoRa technology in 2016 spring. Since then our products, which are adopt the LoRa technology, are used in Smart City applications, industrial machines, consumer electronics, smart agriculture over the globe. 

Our LoRaWan products are temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, motion detector, water sensor, door/window watch sensors, GPS sensors in different sizes for personal, animal, asset and car tracking. 

You can find more information about these products at: http://zane.hu/catalog.pdf

One of the most important part of our work is PCB Design: designing wiring diagrams and printed circuits. We have more than 20 years of experience on this field, still we are continuously learning day by day, as circuit industry is one of the fastest developing ones. Year by year newer technologies arise, fast and sensitive circuits must be designed, with a strong emphasis on energy efficieny. We organise circuit designing courses for our partners  and university students.

On the following fields we have significant experience:

  • High Current PCB  Design
  • Developing Analog circuits
  • RF and High-speed PCB design
  • Microcontroller Controls
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, GSM modules
  • Designing switched-mode power supplies
  • Development of capacitive touch sensors
  • EMI/EMC design

Prototype and low volume manufacturing mean serious challenges for electrical manufacturers. A typical printed circuit prototype has 2-4 or even more layers, which consist of fine designs. It is common to have 0402, QFN, BGA, SMT parts to place. Instrument panels can consists of several hundreds of parts and several types of parts. Prototypes like these are hard to be produced manually at high quality. On the other hand placement by machinery costs a lot of time, energy and money for companies specialized for mass production, and the costs of tuning their equipment will be payed by the costumer. 

As our main focus is electrical development, we have assembled a special set of equipment in our SMT laboratory, so that we can execute all task mentioned above in-house, at the highest quality possible.

To be able to come up with high-quality prototypes we own a soldering paste device, automatic SMT pick and place system and a reflow oven. This way we can provide a comprehensive service in prototype development besides our design services.

We also possess a 3D printer and LPM tool as well. With the help of the 3D printer we can create the fist draft of the casing of the prototypes.  The LPM technology (Low Pressure Molding) we are able to to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic components of the prototypes and it is a time and cost efficient way to substitute injection moulding in the first phase of the production.

To satisfy the needs of prototyping and low volume manufacturing  related to our design and construction activities, we have set up a fully functional SMT Laboratory equipped with up to date machinery.  To utilize our free capacities we take in EMS Service assignments, like manufacturing ofintegrated circuit boards, component placement, soldering and reworking  of SMD and through hole components.  

We are proud of our IPC-610 certification, we use an online production monitoring and quality management  systems throughout our work to support our  activities.

Our main competences:

  • Placement of SMT components from size 0201
  • Placement of QFN, BGA, Fine Pitch parts
  • Designing SMD solder paste stencil
  • Quality control of  raw materials
  • Replacement of SMD parts, rework
  • Procurement of components
We use the following machines during our work:
  • Paste solder printing: eC Stencil Mate
  • SMT palcement : Mechatronika M10V  Pick and Paste System
  • Reflow soldering: eC Reflow Mate
  • Rework: Workstations equipped with microscope, extractor and ESD protection

For placement of SMD parts we manufacture laser cutted, dedicated, frameless solder paste stencils, of which costs are much lower than the bigger size stencils attached to frames.

We procure the printed circuit panels  from local, EU or far eastern partners depending on their complexity and the quantity ordered. For manufacturing the panels please send GERBER and NC files, or CAD files, for the placement of parts please give us BOM list and manufacturing instructions.

We are looking forward to deliver our products or develop a solution for your unique needs.

Please contact us here and check our website: https://www.zane.hu/en/

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  • Creation year : 2012
  • Country origin :

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