HELIUM - Asset Tracking evaluation kit

Track assets, pets or people in a cost-effective way and allow a whole range of IoT geolocation use cases using Abeeway’s multi-technology trackers and Helium’s open-source IoT network based on public LoRaWAN access points. Abeeway industry-leading technology is suitable for both outdoor and indoor tracking. 

For detailed documentation and step-by-step setup instructions for this kit, refer to the Product information/Technical documents section below.

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Key features highlights :

Connect your Abeeway smart trackers to Helium...

This kit requires LoRaWAN connectivity from Helium Hotspots. To get started and subscribe to an Helium account with data credits, click here.

Note: you can add more Hotspots for better coverage.

By default, this kit contains an Abeeway Micro Tracker V3. In case you want to add more tracker devices, you can select the corresponding options. The trackers also work on any LoRaWAN network.

...And, build your own use cases!

With this Abeeway solution, it is always easy to tell where your valuable things are. You can install the Abeeway LoRaWAN-connected smart tracking devices in everything you need to track and protect, like cars, motorbikes, bikes, keychains, luggage, or handbags. Another use for these devices is for people safety, you can use them on elders, children to get warned when they leave the vicinity of their home or any geo zone and quickly locate them. These devices can work anywhere under Helium network coverage, using your Hotspot but also any other Hotspot available in your community. Unlike Bluetooth based tags which need compatible phones to be around for recovery, Abeeway tags will be located anywhere on the Helium network, and do not require a cellular subscription.

The price of the package includes an Abeeway Micro Tracker V3, access to a Helium compatible multi-technology geolocation solver, and access to Abeeway Device Manager. It is simple, fast, and ready to deploy! You will need to create an account on ThingPark Community and follow the provided step-by-step instructions. 

Abeeway trackers make use of multiple location technologies, including multiple constellations (GPS, Galileo, Glonas, Beidou), Low-Power GPS (a patented Abeeway technology transferring the GPS calculations to the cloud, making it faster and up to 10 times more energy-efficient), Wi-Fi Sniffing (one year of WiFi solver database access included*) and BLE beacon sniffing (beacons not included in this kit, you can buy them here).

To improve battery life, the Abeeway devices leverage LoRAWAN ultra-low-power connectivity and dynamically select the most battery efficient location technology (e.g. WiFi preferred over GPS in a dense urban environment). Location data is then merged by the ThingPark X fused geolocation engine and made available via APIs and the Abeeway Device Manager. Abeeway also implements flexible location triggers to further optimize power consumption to each use case:

  • Motion tracking: actual position when motion is detected
  • Permanent tracking: regular period real-time positioning
  • Start/End: positioning at motion start and end of events
  • Fix on demand: get position only when needed
  • Activity tracking: a monitor activity rate with interior sensors

(*) After one year, the tracker will default to GPS & BLE only, unless you subscribe to a one-year extension of the WiFi & LP-GPS subscription.

Our starter kit includes: 

1 x Access to Abeeway Device Manager to manage up to 10 trackers.

1 x Abeeway Micro Tracker V3


1 x Abeeway Micro-Tracker V3

1 x Abeeway Industrial tracker  

1 x Abeeway Compact Tracker 

1 x Abeeway Smart Badge

Get inspired: 

Asset tracking and management - Track and trace solution for field equipment.

  • Operate industrial control of your assets by monitoring their activity.
  • Optimize your equipment fleet and detect underutilized assets to avoid unnecessary rental costs.
  • Improve security by detecting theft of your assets and valuables.

Supply chain optimization - Track goods during transportation from manufacturers through warehouses and till distribution.

  • Place trackers in vehicles, pallets, containers, industrial deliveries and enjoy our efficient multi-technology geolocation to get their real-time location in changing environments: using Wi-Fi/BLE in warehouses, GPS and Low Power GPS in urban areas, LoRa TDoA in remote rural areas… using private or public LoRaWAN connectivity.

Personnel safety and security - Ensure people’s safety on construction or industrial sites, ports, mines, and buildings

  • Create geofencing alerts for dangerous and risk zones and give the workers the possibility to use an SOS button alert in case of any problem. 

Livestock location management - Improve the performance of your farm.

  • Equip cattle with trackers to create a livestock tracking and monitoring solution to improve the performance of a farm.
  • Locate farm animals to find missing livestock and improve productivity by monitoring timing and places of grazing.
  • Create a full smart farming solution by tracking farm equipment like tractors and balers to reduce time spent on its retrieval, management and storing.

Description :

Low cost, high autonomy, high precision, and continuous service

Abeeway proposes ultra long-life battery-powered trackers devices that provide an exact and responsive location, adapt to various environments, and have easy third-party IoT platforms and applications integration. Now, they are fully integrated with the People’s Network - Helium’s IoT Network, enabling simple and affordable asset tracking applications. 

Abeeway devices bring together multiple geolocation technologies exploiting WiFi hotspots, Bluetooth beacons and ultra-low power-assisted GPS that offer quick and reliable GPS location even in tough environments. These devices permit you to rapidly geolocate your assets and valuables in real-time, everywhere indoors or outdoors, (as long as the tracker is within reach of any Helium hotspot). Use the function of geofencing, to receive alerts in case of movement and when the device is entering or leaving defined zones. Our trackers allow you to get full visibility of your assets and optimize their usage. 

Abeeway Device Manager

The integrated software platform of Abeeway is a hub that uses geolocation information to collect, manage, integrate, analyse, and visualize sensor data.

Thanks to this application you can have the maximum visibility of your geolocation data, it allows changing the rules and related images directly from the application. The system comes with predefined settings and sample images, but it allows personalization to respond to your specific needs. As soon as the gateway is connected to a network, the Abeeway Device Analyzer application is automatically set up.

Additionally, all devices are provisioned and will start sending their data to this application. Log in and see your connected devices in a graphical interface!

Abeeway Device Analyzer comes with these features:

  • Device list management
  • Position visualization with the ability to keep track of location data
  • Send commands to the tracker to change behaviour
  • Monitoring key performance indicators of each tracker such as Battery or Temperature
  • Monitoring radio indicators like RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) or SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)

Helium - People's Network

Helium is an American company offering a decentralized, open-source IoT network called LongFi, based on public LoRaWAN® access points since June 2019.

It is focusing on companies that develop uses in connected homes, asset and animal tracking, or data collection from infrastructure sensors. Helium’s network is built via marketing hotspots or individuals that decide to activate a hotspot. Helium’s own open-sourced blockchain technology, incentivizes individuals to install hotspots, mining cryptocurrency and providing LoRaWAN® network exposure for hundreds of square kilometres. The Hotspots are the same size as a small router and can be easily plugged into a home network, offering affordable wireless connectivity for location tracking and theft recovery applications, like tracking and monitoring vehicles, equipment, trailers, bicycles, livestock, pets, cattle, and more.


Specifications :
Seller Actility
Manufacturer Name HELIUM
Product Capabilities Action button / Push button, Distance / level sensor, Presence & Occupancy sensor
Other Protocol LoRaWAN, Bluetooth Low
Solution Represented Smart Agriculture, Smart Industries, Location & Asset Tracking, Smart Operations, Asset Tracking
Use Case Asset tracking (network based), Boat monitoring, Cattle tracking, Stolen vehicle recovery, Worker geolocation, Work site productivity optimization
Technical datasheet

Abeeway Smart Badge - Product Page

Abeeway Industrial Tracker V1 - Datasheet

Abeeway Compact Tracker - Product Page

Technical Documents

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