How to gain control of high-risk employee productivity, safety, and health activities across construction, manufacturing, and office settings?

This Proximity Detection and Contact Tracing Starter Kit combine the power of low-powered sensors and predictive analytics to take the construction and manufacturing industries to the new era of Industry 4.0 and make Smart Construction and Industry as predictable as shopfloors. 

Top ENR and leading industry companies have deployed our solution in some of the world's largest Airports, Industrial Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, and Energy projects. 

Thousands of workers, assets, and equipment use the power of Kwant every day to improve safety and productivity. 

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Key features highlights : is an award-winning New York-based Enterprise SaaS productivity and safety platform that combines pending-patent Kwant Location Sensors with Kwant Smart Badges, Hard Hat Sensors, and Bands with wide-ranging (< 5 miles) LoRaWAN Gateways for the improvement of safety, productivity, and business continuity on your connected construction and industrial sites. 
  • Covid-19 Response for CDC and OSHA Guidance: Our Proximity Alert and Contact Tracing Platform Ensures Business Continuity and Employee Protection by Ensuring that Essential Employees are Following OSHA and CDC 2M Social Distancing Guidelines and that 2M Employee-Employee Interactions Are Documented for Back-Trace Decontamination within Minutes
  • Capturing Planned vs. Actual Production: Our Productivity Dashboard and Integrated P6 and Microsoft Project Master Schedule Identifies and Summarizes the Root Causes of High Material and Labor Risk Related to Schedule, Cost, Company, and Trade by Automating Headcount and Labor Hours in the Field and Tracking Material Progress Using 5D BIM
  • Implementing Lean Planning for the Field: Our Last Planner System in Combination with Integrated P6 and Microsoft Project Master Schedule Enables Trade-level Collaboration To Improve Accountability and Identify and Reduce Waste by Combining Project Team Planning with Field Planning and Progress
  • Mitigating Overall Project Risk: Our Online Dashboard Aggregates Real-Time Schedule, Cost, and Safety Information from Kwant Smart Badges, Hard Hat Sensors, and Bands, in Combination with Gateways, for Predictive, Data-Driven Decisions.

Our starter kit includes: 

  • 3 months subscription to OnTarget Software & Mobile App for Reporting and Analytics with Integration, with technical assistance during the trial period. 
  • 1 x MachineQ Area 8C LoRAWAN Gateway
  • 3 x Kwant Location Sensors
  • 2 x’s Smart Badge v.1
  • 2 x Abeeway’s Smart Badge trackers


Description :’s Smart Construction and Industry Enterprise SaaS Platform, in combination with pending patent IoT Sensor Technology and key partnerships with Abeeway and MachineQ, reduces operational risk by identifying the root causes of high-risk productivity, safety, and health activities.  

  • Save Lives and Reduce Response Time. Our push-button SOS trigger sends immediate SMS alerts to designated personnel and prioritizes high-risk activities on our dashboard, significantly increasing safety and security. 
  • Increase Productivity. Our platform ranks high-risks related to schedule, cost, and trades and mitigates mission-critical risks using project management integration, increasing productivity. 
  • Ensure Business Continuity. Our proximity alert and contact tracing platform with location awareness enables companies to deep clean high-density areas, back-trace contamination among employees in less than 2 minutes, and stagger shifts in OSHA and CDC Guidance.
  • Enhance Data-Driven Decision-Making. Our platform acts as a single source of truth for data-driven decision-making by combining our powerful productivity, health, and safety data with favorite project management tools such as Procore and Autodesk. 
  • Reduce Operational Risk. Our platform mitigates mission-critical risks by understanding the root cause of high-risk rankings related to schedule, cost, trade, and safety. Productivity and Safety Overview


Solution Overview’s Kwant Location Sensors’s Patent-Pending Kwant Location Sensors use hybrid bluetooth (BLE) and low-powered wide-area network (LoRa) technology to feed data from’s IoT applications via ethernet- and/or cellular- gateway backhaul to the cloud. 

Outdoor-friendly with water-resistant IP65, 24-Month Battery-powered Kwant Location Sensors provide optional visual cues and audible alerts with optional fall detection using location sensing technology. Data is transmitted to the gateway every 52 seconds. Kwant Location Sensors are FCC Certified.’s Smart Badge v.1’s Smart Badge vs.1 is designed with Low Energy BLE 4.0 technology and wearable sensors to transit location data to the Kwant. RFID- and BLE- compatible with 24-month battery life and water-resistant IP65 case,’s Smart Badge v.1 is compatible with social distancing, location awareness, fall detection, and access control. A push-button SOS trigger on the Smart Badge v.1 requires location awareness for SMS instant alerts.

Abeeway’s Smart Badge v. 2

Abeeway’s Smart Badge v. 2, integrated with's Productivity and Safety platform, are multi-mode trackers with embedded sensors combining GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation technologies. Combined with Kwant Location Awareness Sensors and MachineQ and/or Tektelic gateways, Abeeway trackers deliver accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation & proximity enforcement applications for Covid-19 response, safety, and productivity. 

Abeeway trackers have been designed to support Smart Construction and Industry IoT use cases in any environment. They are LoRa Alliance and ATEX certified and ready to be deployed worldwide: EU868, US915, AS923. 


MachineQ Area 8C LoRAWAN Gateway (US and Canadian Compatibility)

MachineQ’s Area 8C gateway, in partnership with, is a leading product of reliable wireless connectivity for IoT connectivity on large scale deployments. 

Connecting’s battery-operated IoT productivity and safety technology to our data-driven Enterprise SaaS platform, the Area 8c gateway is online in less than 1 minute. Data is transmitted to the cloud every 5 minutes. 

The Area 8C is US (FCC) and Canada (IC) Certified and EU868, US915, AS923 compatible.

Available worldwide Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing solutions is also available for customers outside US. In this case, you will connect your LoRaWAN devices using a Private LoRaWAN infrastructure based on Tektelic Kona Macro IoT Gateway and Tektelik Connectivity Management software.

OnTarget Software & Mobile App for Reporting and Analytics with Integration

Schedule.jpg’s OnTarget Software & Mobile App is a cloud-based software with customizable productivity, health, and safety KPI dashboards for reporting and analytics, with the following benefits:

  • GDPR compliant user management with subcontractor certification management
  • Customizable team members and employee database with adjustable levels of permissions 
  • Real-time social distancing alerts using vibration and/or flashing light for OSHA and CDC
  • Contact tracing for back-trace decontamination using 2M employee-employee interactions
  • Open APIs for application integration with critical 3rd party applications and adjustable privacy
Specifications :
Manufacturer name
SKU 1753-11563
Manufacturer Part number KW
Product Attributes Field test
LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented Smart Cities, Energy and Utilities, Smart Industries, Location & Asset Tracking, Other, Smart Operations, Smart Building, Asset Tracking
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Battery type Lithium ion
Interfaces Ethernet, Bluetooth, Other
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Abeeway Smart Badge v.2

MachineQ Area 8C Gateway Description

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